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18 Aug 13    Prepaid Master card offer

Terms & Conditions

Offer vaild only on below sizes:

1. HP 16'' INCH (GR90/EA02/ER30/ER3/ER37)
2. UHP -17'' INCH & ABOVE (ES1/050/ER30/GR90/ER33/EA02)
3. 4X4 LARG 17'' INCH & ABOVE (D683/D840/D689/D684/D850/ DHP/ DALAN)
4. 4X4 S 16'' INCH (D840/ D683/ D689/ D687/ D684/ D850

the  below categories is not include teh offer :


080/MY 01/ AR Z0/ B SERIES  LT/ TT/ R256


Gift Card Provisions

. The Bank will not be able to replace teh Gift card if it is not not registered at the Website.

. The Gift Card my not be used at certain marchants including but not limited to online and petrol stations.

. The Gift card cannot be topped -up or reloaded.

. the terms and conditions set out provisions governing fees, refunds, replacments and cancellations.

. The Cradholder autorises the Bank to disclose information as it sees fit.

. if there is any conflict between these provisions and the Terms and conditions, the terms and conditions will previal.

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