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31 Oct 11    ECOPIA Tire launched

Bridgestone has launched a “Fuel Efficient” tire to reduce your expenses while you can enjoy a safe and sound journey.

The new ECOPIA green tire compound consists of silica combining with coupling agent which reduces friction, heat generation & energy loss.

It also enhances the performance of your vehicle on various grounds such as:

1. Lower rolling resistance
2. Rib-linked blocks that gives you a “Grip on the road” during sudden braking, even in wet conditions
3. Environment friendly due to its unique shape which controls stress and deformation during driving
4. Last but not the least, the main characteristic of this green tire is its key feature of “Fuel Efficiency” which will reduce your cost by 3.1% by minimizing the CO2 emissions from tires during your drive


So buy a set of ECOPIA tires today and feel the difference yourself !

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