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30 Jun 11    Tyre Safety & Eco Station Campaign

The sole contact between the car and the road is a patch of tire the size of a postcard. Only if they fully trust their tires can motorists rely on their cars to go, turn, and stop as they expect. Today's ever-changing driving environment poses a constantly evolving challenge for Bridgestone and its products.

Alserkal & Bridgestone's passionate commitment to safety and comfort inspires and sets new standards of technological advancement.
Nonetheless, Bridgestone's commitment alone is not enough.
The customers' cooperation in routine tire inspections and ideal air-pressure maintenance is of equal importance.
Only then can stress-free driving enjoyment be realized.

Similar to two wheels turning in perfect synchronization, Bridgestone's long-term goals involve steady advancement of technology and greater customer awareness for tires, to ultimately achieve a society where greater driving safety is provided.
Alserkal & Bridgestone—Committed to working with all motorists in promoting tire safety.


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